Nets News: Patty Mills reveals the "elephant in the room" Kevin Durant must tackle in Brooklyn

2021-12-12 13:33:17 By : Ms. Vicky Fang

The Brooklyn Nets were a very good team at the beginning of the season. They ranked first in the highly competitive Eastern Conference with a 16-6 record. They met their expectations of champion contenders in every possible way...except for one aspect: the way they started and ended the game.

Nets guard Patty Mills certainly noticed the slow start of the Nets. After they narrowly beat the Timberwolves 110-105 this Friday, the former Spurs guard talked about their slow start and its impact on their game. (Dave Early from ClutchPoints)

"The first quarter... I think the elephant in the room is how we started the game and can hang up the hat on the defensive end. This may be where we take a step back in tonight's game, of course. It can be very Start the game well, it gives us a lead on the defensive end, so we can learn from it."

The Nets actually performed better in the middle of the game, leading the team by 72 and 54 points in the second and third quarters, respectively. The problem with this team is the opening volley, which raised its head in the game against the Timberwolves. The Nets trailed by 7 points in the first quarter, but scored 32-21 in the second quarter.

Their fourth quarter also needs some adjustments, especially against the next opponent. The Nets' final game with the Chicago Bulls ended in disaster, and they were led by 24 points in the final game. Kevin Durant and the team must start strongly and end the game decisively, otherwise the team will definitely take advantage of this.