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2021-12-12 13:29:23 By : Ms. Vicky Zhang

For any car enthusiast, a good air compressor is essential. I can't count the number of times I have to add psi between track and field races or autocross or when my life makes my tires flat. Must have a compact, easy-to-use power compressor, because of course I don’t blow tires with my lips.

There are dozens of options on the market. Finding out exactly which one best suits your needs can be overwhelming. There are portable, handheld, DC-powered, garage socket-powered, and battery-powered inflators. The manufacturer provides a list of available options, add-ons, and gadgets used with each air compressor, making it even more complicated. 

We have gone all the way through a series of compressors, this Viair 85P portable air compressor is an interesting choice. After some use and abuse, we definitely recommend that you put it on the shortlist because it is a reliable option at a reasonable price. Let us dive into its details.

What's in the box? No, it's not Gwyneth Paltrow's head, it's actually a bag. The Viair inflator comes with a beautiful brown canvas bag. However, don't expect heavy materials. It can well protect the compressor in your workshop or garage, but it cannot withstand a 40-foot drop from the nearest office building. 

What's in the bag? You will get a Viair tire inflator with built-in air hose and power cord and three adapters. 

I immediately liked the overall weight and feel of the inflator. It's not very big, which is good, but the overall size and weight feel right. The Viair inflator is built around a central air chamber with covers at both ends. There is a handle in the middle that connects the gearless direct drive motor on one side and the easy-to-read analog pressure gauge on the other side.

The 35-inch air hose is slightly longer than most air hoses and is installed at the end of the meter. The power cord is connected to the red cap at the same end, and there is a power button and a small LED work light inside. There are four rubber feet on the bottom of the inflator, which seem to help reduce vibration (and noise). No frills, all functions. 

There is no external storage option for the air hose or power cord, but it is equipped with an adjustable cable tie-type power cord manager.

Finally, Viair has been extracted.

I conducted a series of non-scientific but standardized tests on Viair 85P, the first was to inflate the car tires. My BMW M4 has 33 psi recommended by the German manufacturer. I was able to quickly adjust the tire to the proper psi using the brass screw-in tire chuck. This is stupid and fast. They advertise a maximum working pressure of up to 60 psi, but it feels faster.

The sound of the inflator is not very loud, measuring 85.1 decibels on my meter. According to reports, the average noise of air compressors is 70-90 decibels, and most of the products I have tested recently are louder than this. The CDC points out that exposure to an environment of 80-95 decibels for one to two hours may damage your hearing, so if you plan to use the device for a long time, please wear earmuffs.

Next, it's time to see if Viair can handle some non-automotive tasks. I inflated my son’s bicycle tires, inflated the flat volleyball, and tested it on some other projects. There is no psi off, so you only need to pay attention to the dial. 

The supplied adapters are threaded and screwed firmly into the nozzle. There are even places where they can be stuck on the chassis of the inflator for storage. There are bonus points, Viair. It takes 5.35 seconds to fill the kangaroo emoji ball. This is a 12-inch billiard toy in my garage. This number is much lower than most other power inflators I have tested, but you have to wait for our large inflators to be more bonanza to see more (#teaser).

The Viair inflator feels very sturdy, almost as if it were made of a solid piece of material. It's not-there are all kinds of plastic and metal screwed together-but it feels cohesive. Compared with some other inflatable devices, the inflation rate is surprisingly fast. I think I almost broke that damn billiard ball once. 

In a three-foot drop test, it may depend on how it lands, what type of surface it falls on, and whether it will break. Hitting the meter directly might work or at least make it less usable. One thing I like is that the adapter is actually screwed into the brass end. They feel much more stable when in use than when not in use. In addition, as I said, there is a place to store them in the bonus points on the device itself. 

This may be a preferred track-rat air compressor. It takes up very little space for your luggage or gearbox, already runs on auxiliary power, and is not too heavy. 

That is a long power cord. 

During the test, some of the devices I tested used household AC power cords. Switching to this unit means running in to find the car key. Therefore, although it is very helpful to use it with a car emergency kit, using it at home means relying on a car battery or purchasing an adapter.

In addition, there are some imperfect details. Other inflators have some kind of rope management option, and even just a slot to snap the air hose into it helps to ensure its safety. However, it does come with a package. 

You can find cheaper inflators there, but they may not be as good. The price of about $65 is definitely higher than some other prices, but it is Amazon's bestseller for a reason. It has also received a pretty good rating, with 4.6 out of 5 stars with nearly 3,000 reviews, if that’s important to you.

The compact Viair 85P is powerful because of its size. I will not hesitate to add it to my sports bag, camping box, or put it in a handy place at home. You can spend less or spend more, but 85P may be just right. 

You can spend less or spend more, but 85P may be just right.

you have a problem. The drive has the answer.

Answer: Yes. Simply screw the brass connector onto your valve stem and it will display the current pressure. 

Answer: quite. The black and red text is superimposed on the white and the contrast is good, and the meter size is appropriate.

A. No, it is not. This is not its purpose. Viair sells heavy-duty compressors that can do this.

Answer: Not so, screw-in tire chucks are not designed for this. 

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