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2021-12-12 13:28:36 By : Ms. Coco Wu

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There is absolutely no problem in our mind-if improving electrical installation efficiency is your top priority, then switching to Southwire SIMPush accessories is one of the easiest decisions you can make.

If you find that you are tired of more traditional conduit fitting installation methods, Southwire now offers SimPush Push-To-Install fittings, which can be used for your work in various installation environments.

There is no need to thread, tighten, glue, or use compression to hold the catheter together, you simply slide the catheter into the fitting to lock it in place with the Southwire SIMPush catheter fitting. The metal teeth in the fitting grasp and secure your conduit with 300 foot-pounds of tension.

They are suitable for several main types of conduit materials:

It sounds simple (and it is), but there is a lot of content in the design to make it easier for you.

Each connector has an inner ring built into the side wall to prevent you from pushing the connector too deep.

One of the coolest things is that the Southwire SIMPush connector is reusable. Of course, you are unlikely to pull one on an already signed installation. However, when a newcomer uses the wrong or flipped box, you will not correct the error and waste material in the next 30 minutes.

Just make sure you have Southwire's removal tool at hand-it is a simple quick release ring. Wrap it around the accessory and disconnect it.

Southwire is manufacturing a large number of different styles of SIMPush accessories to meet your installation needs in dry locations. In addition to being easy to use, these will maintain your ground path:

There are also Southwire SIMPush connectors suitable for wet areas. When you install a moisture-proof connector, look for the connector with a blue ring.

They have IP66 protection rating, NEMA3S certification, waterproof and concrete sealing, and are rated as direct burial. Waterproof and rigid accessories will keep your ground path.

This is a quick list of styles:

Southwire SIMPush accessories really save a lot of time. We have used them in our own projects and had the opportunity to talk to local electrical contractors who also use them.

At first, it was a bit disturbing because the connection was so simple. It makes you think you are missing something. But once you get used to it, connection will become the easiest part of your running.

One thing we found is that the coupling, in particular, is wider than the threaded coupling. When you pass through an exposed wall or ceiling, it may spoil the beauty of the room because it will cause the duct to stand out more at each connection. This usually only exists in places where public concepts such as restaurants, offices, and art studios are important to your customers.

This is a game played in an industrial environment, or your run will end up behind a wall or above the ceiling after the work is done.

One of the only complaints we heard from electricians who first learned about Southwire SIMPush accessories was about the price. Yes, they run more than other styles.

In other words, how much is your time and productivity worth? There is no doubt that SIMPush is faster and less frustrating. Due to the labor shortage in the electrical field, the time savings we have seen can allow your staff to complete these installations and move on to the next job, or reduce the overtime you pay. This is your call.

There is absolutely no problem in our mind-if improving electrical installation efficiency is your top priority, then switching to Southwire SIMPush accessories is one of the easiest decisions you can make.

To view the new Southwire SimPush catheter accessories, check your electrical store or go to

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Wow! ! This seems to be a big improvement. Is there a chance to get samples of some specific connectors, such as 1/2" and 3/4" EMT box connectors and connectors, standard and waterproof? I have an important job to deal with, and each of the 15 buildings requires EMT to run 180 feet. This sounds almost revolutionary!

Brian Strzelecki This should help make the work progress faster.

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