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2021-12-12 13:47:17 By : Mr. Mr Leed

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MMC (Europe) Ltd, a division of MMC International Corporation, is a manufacturer of "intrinsically safe" steam control valves, fittings and measuring equipment for offshore petroleum and chemical carriers and the petrochemical industry. Our main products are cam lock flanges for closed and restricted applications, tank metering station valves, oil-water separators and cargo UTI (defect, temperature and oil/water interface) measuring equipment.

MMC is the world's leading manufacturer of portable instruments for UTI measurement and bottom drying in shipboard and land-based petroleum and chemical storage tank systems. Our latest stainless steel sensor product has all three UTI detection functions.

We also provide quick connection flanges, high-level alarm systems, gas samplers, product samplers, and land-based petrochemical facilities.

Since this concept was first proposed in the 1960s, MMC has been the world's leading manufacturer of cam lock quick-release flange couplings for transporting industrial liquids such as petroleum and chemicals.

Our corrosion-resistant Cam-Lock flange joints are sealed with internal O-rings, which provide fast and safe flange connections for flanged hoses, manifolds, loading arms and valves. They ensure the fastest, safest and most reliable method available for secure connections.

A special short pipe flange joint is now available for offshore floating hose operations. The short tube unit is designed for manifold extensions, hose lift points and reducer couplings in narrow areas. It has special lifting pads, cam protection rings and enhanced corrosion resistance required for offshore applications.

MMC manufactures a wide range of measuring tube stations, including the following:

These measuring systems have an empty volume range of 15m to 23m or 25m to 37m, and use a new full-type 316 stainless steel sensor for chemical applications and a redesigned PES plastic sensor for petroleum-based product carriers. Both sensors use the most advanced SMT (surface mount technology) and circuit enhancement technology, which can provide better long-term reliability, more accurate liquid level sensing and improved oil and water layer detection.

The Flexi-dip (SC) system is designed for use with a wide range of standard MMC steam control valves, such as types B, MB, MMB and F/C50. The system is specifically designed for applications where vapors from storage tanks are prohibited from escaping during measurement or sampling.

Once the SC sampling system is connected to any existing or new steam control valve, it can draw samples on site. It can then decan the collected product directly into an approved container without removing the sampling system from the steam control valve.

MMC's stainless steel sensors are capable of all three UTI measurements, eliminating the need for chemicals and petroleum carriers to use two different sensing probes. This new three-function probe can be used for corrosive and non-corrosive substances, and is also designed for easy cleaning and decontamination on containers containing a variety of products.

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